How Flex Moves Adds $10,800+ in Revenue With Cart X

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The Challenge

To generate additional revenue from current customers.

In recent years, the amount of competition within E-Commerce has risen to new heights. With so many competitors over the internet, it is a real challenge to stand out amongst all as one of the pioneers.

Flex Moves has been facing a similar challenge. They were making sales, but they knew that there was much more potential than this.

The task at hand was clear. It's to pitch new and unique products to your existing customers with the help of a seamless, one-click post-purchase upsell method. And that's where they decided to go with Cart X.

A premium Shopify upsell app with features such as pre-purchase upsell, post-purchase upsell, and thank you page upsell—a perfect combination for Flex Moves.

The Solution

Use Cart X to set up one-click upsells.

Right after booking a demo with Cart X, the CEO of Flex Moves decided to go with the premium plan.

Cart X was our go to option due to the affordable pricing plan and how easy it was to set up.

With technical support ready 24/7, and Cart X being very easy to set up, Flex Moves was all set with their very own pre-purchase, post-purchase, and thank-you page upsell offers.

It was only a matter of time before they started to see steady growth in the AOV.

Thanks to the one-click upsell and its seamless integration, it was able to generate approximately 92.5% of its upsell revenue with over $10,000 in sales value.


  • Post-purchase orders: 654

  • Post-purchase revenue: $10,126

  • Total revenue generated: $10,853

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July 6, 2023