How Earify Added $10,000+ in Revenue Using Cart X

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The Challenge

To introduce new products

As an already successful Shopify store, Earify was looking to add more products to its inventory. And with that comes the task of creating awareness and customers for the new products.

We needed to leverage the success of Earify and use it to present new and innovative products to the customers.

Earify needed a platform where it could pitch its newly added products, and post-purchase upselling seemed to be the way to go about this.

The Solution

Cart X post-purchase upsell page

Cart X specializes and takes pride in their one-click upsell page. It is the backbone of their upsell module and Earify did not take long to realize that.

With the help of Cart X, the quickly growing Shopify store was not just able to introduce their customers to a newly added product, but also get multiple sales in the process.

In fact, this snowballed into a successful investment and went on to be Earify's most successful upselling technique.


  • Post-purchase upsell orders: 421

  • Post-purchase upsell revenue: $9,115

  • Total additional revenue: $10,046

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July 6, 2023