How Inessa Generated $13,000 Additional Revenue With Cart X

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Inessa Wellness is one of the most well-known and successful clinical institutions in the UK.

It started off as simple nutrition and functional medicine clinic back in 2009, but with time and quality marketing moves, has now proven itself to be the ultimate wellness medical center with a strong online presence.

As a Shopify store, one of their biggest concerns was converting their visitors into customers and retaining them through top-notch products and proven business strategies.

The Role of Cart X

When taking the step to go big online, Inessa had both the foundation and local presence it needed to shine.

One of the key reasons behind its success is undoubtedly its commitment to quality products, but that alone is sometimes not enough. Having a way to present these products to your online visitors properly can be the difference maker.

This is where Cart X came into play with its 3 in 1 upsell features. Inessa utilizes all three of these features in the form of pre-purchase, post-purchase, and thank you page upsell and is making multiple thousands in additional revenue all because of Cart X.

Results With Cart X

Pre-purchase upsell revenue: $7,544

Post-purchase upsell revenue: $5,145

Thank you page upsell revenue: $227

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August 26, 2023